Hemodialysis is a treatment that involves filtering the blood through a machine outside of the body, which serves to remove waste products along with excess salt and fluids from the blood. During Hemodialysis, patients will get into a comfortable position as the machine is safely connected to their blood stream through a system of sterile lines and begins to remove their blood and pass it through a special filter called a dialyzer.
The dialysis machine and filter act as an artificial kidney and perform the vital functions that would normally be done by a healthy kidney. This includes removing metabolic wastes such as urea and creatinine as well as maintaining normal blood pressure and balancing electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and chloride. During Hemodialysis, patients will only have about 250 ml of blood outside of their body at a time, which helps avoid a significant drop in blood pressure and allows for safe and effective blood filtration emulating the function of a kidney.
Hemodialysis treatment typically takes about 4 hours to complete and will be required at least 3 times per week. In some cases, patients may qualify for a faster type of Hemodialysis called High-Flux dialysis, which may take less time to complete. Along with receiving Hemodialysis, patients suffering from kidney disease or renal failure will also be advised to take certain medications as well as make healthy dietary changes conducive to treatment and their well-being.
At One on One, we do everything possible to make your Hemodialysis experience one that has a positive impact on your health as well as your attitude towards kidney disease. Your time spent at One on One is designed to be both comfortable and accommodating, and we always welcome family and friends to accompany you during your Hemodialysis treatment sessions.